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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Foreman Crusher  
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator  
  Jarg and Sorno  
  Karagga the Unyielding  
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Prophecy of the Five
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Soa Screenshot [Fixed]

Lawl, Feb 7, 12 12:23 PM.
So I went ahead and edited the Soa screenshot to make it a little more accurate. Hope you guys like it! Larger version.

Some much needed bug fixes for EV

Dariuas, Feb 7, 12 8:49 AM.

    Eternity Vault

    • Soa no longer resets if he uses Mind Trap on the main tank.
    • Soa now frees all players in mind traps before transitioning to his platform phase. Players will no longer be stuck in mind traps during the platforming sequence as a result.
    • Players released from Soa's mind trap after he is defeated are now teleported to the appropriate location, allowing them to claim their loot.

Apology Accepted destroys Soa

Dariuas, Feb 5, 12 3:26 AM.
Eternity Vault has been completed on normal mode this evening; its good to know we can accomplish it now, and will continue to grow. While we are not as far in to the end game content as other guilds on the server, we are happy to have accomplished this goal with only members of our guild.

Eternity Vault Recap

Dariuas, Feb 2, 12 12:49 AM.
Outstanding job on this evenings EV, a lot of people got some huge upgrades!

We breezed through most of the instance, only had a few hiccups. We got to Soa, and plan
to complete him before Tuesday reset.

Problem is that Sunday is Super Bowl, so a lot of people may be occupied. 

I'm going to start a post on the forums to find out who can participate and who can not.

Please head over there and check it out.
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